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About me

I am a freelance videographer from Ukraine. Currently, I live in Poznań, Poland, and work on creative projects all over Europe.

what i do

I work in post-production, color-grading, sound design, and VFX. I shoot commercials, music videos, vlogs, and documentary films.


From early childhood, I was interested in photography.
I remember once I found my grandfather’s old camera and carried it everywhere, trying to imitate the shooting. Although the camera was not working, as my grandfather told me, it seemed to me that I was still taking pictures. I was so eager
to capture unique life moments, and I still am.

For some time I tried to ignore my desire for creative work
and began to learn a completely different profession. After graduation from a technical university, I realized that work should bring pleasure and joy, and only if these two factors
are present, success can be achieved. Therefore I become a videographer.

Studying at Kraków Film School (KSF) allowed me to develop my film production skills, and my passion for traveling taught me to look at things from different perspectives.

Each project to me is a work of art.
I completely immerse myself in the process of creating a remarkable story.

Let me create something awesome for you, feel free to contact me at